Case Studies

Look at successful implementations of Reeply AI

Here is a list of exciting Case Studies with Reeply AI. 


Oliver Schumacher is a seasoned sales trainer. He has built a sales trainer AI that can give valuable sales advice. Moreover, his AI Chatbot can actively train price negotiations with you!

Oliver Schumacher

Sales Trainer

Peace Factor AI

Annette Dernick has built an AI, that provides great advice about how to have a better communication within companies and teaches and coaches with practical examples, how to improve the internal communication. 

Annette Dernick

Speaker, Author, Executive Coach

Boldbrands AI

Boldbrands assists entrepreneurs in creating and promoting fashion brands online. With their AI, which is trained on extensive experience in this domain, it helps companies  overcoming obstacles in promoting and scaling up their fashion brand! 

Christian Schmidt & Mike Klaßen

Founders/ Boldbrands GmbH

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